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  • Keynote speaker :
    Prof Jeremy Nicholson (Imperial College, UK) Top-Down Systems Biology Approaches to Understand Microbe-Metabolism Interactions in Health and Disease

  • Plenary Session :
    • Prof Bruno Pot (Institut Pasteur de Lille Cedex, France) : Probiotics for the future
    • Prof Lee Yuan Kun (NUS, Singapore, Singapore ) : The science & technology of probiotics as oral vaccine carrier
    • Prof Yoshimi Benno (Japan) : The Gut Microbiota Research contributes Lower Incidence of Lifestyle Related Disease in Japan
    • Prof Yasuhiro Koga (Japanese Society for Probiotic Science, Japan) : Probiotics and Gastric Health
    • Prof  Derrick MacFabe (Canada):  “The Self Centred Bug” – Can Opportunistic Clostridial Infections Alter Brain Function and Behaviour in Autism?
    • Prof Hiroshi Koyama (Gunma University, Japan) : Trace elements and probiotics for human health promotion
    • Prof Barna Ganguly (India) : Ethical Guidelines of Research on Pre and Probiotics in Human Being
    • Prof Olle Holst (Sweden) : Application of probiotics in fermented oat based products
    • Prof Agus Firmansyah, MD, PhD (Faculty of Medicine University of  Indonesia) : Clinical Evidence of Probiotics in Management of Digestive diseases in children
    • Prof Subijanto Martosudarmo, MD, PhD (Medical Faculty, Airlangga University, Indonesia) : The Role of Probiotic in Enhancing Mucosal Health 
    • Dr. Sandra MacFarlane (Microbiology and Gut Biology Group at the University of Dundee, UK) : Characteristics of a Healthy Colonic Microbiota and its Modulation with Prebiotics
    • Dr. Toshitaka Odamaki (Institute of Morinaga Milk Industry Co) Suppresive Effects of Bifidobacterium breve strain M-16V on Th2 Immune Responses in a Murine Model
    • Jacques G. BINDELS, PhD (Danone Research, Centre for Specialised Nutrition, Amsterdam / Wageningen, The Netherlands). Beneficial effects of prebiotic oligosaccharides as nutritional ingredients for young children
    • Wim Caers (Manager Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication Beneo-Group) Regulatory aspects of prebiotics : definition and science : the dietary fibre history all over again…?
    • Dr Ingrid S Surono, MSc (SEAMEO TROPMED RCCN University of Indonesia) : Potency of local wisdom: probiotics and prebiotics today and tomorrow
    • Tetty Helfery Sihombing, MP (National Agency for Drug and Food Control - NADFC, Indonesia) : Regulation on Probiotics and Prebiotics in Indonesia

The number of participants will be limited to 200 and those who present an oral or present a poster will be given priority. The symposium participants are students, lecturers, research institution, health professionals, Governmental Organizations, Dairy Industries in Asia, NGO and International Organizations.

Organized by :

Indonesian Scientific Society for Probiotics and Prebiotics